Achieve Your Dreams

To be committed to something is not to just think and believe that it’s something that you want to accomplish, it’s not to imagine what it will be like when you have it or accomplished it. True committed is believing in a result so much that you speak it, you share it with the world and think about that result every day.

It’s easy to think of the things we want. We want to have better relationships, to spend more time doing our hobbies, get the job of our dreams. But often times the only thing that people do to get accomplish their dreams is mention it when people ask what their dreams are and dream about it before the go to bed at night, they image how great it will be but never really commit to it.

When it comes to getting the things that you want out of life, it takes more than just hoping and dreaming, it takes committed action.

When it comes to this action, you don’t necessarily have to be working towards it every day, it’s not just about physically doing things. True committed action has to do also with speaking what you want to happen, it’s about saying every day and truly believing every day that something is going to happen.

Speak and it shall be.

If you can commit yourself to not only take action towards your dreams and goals, but more importantly spend the mental time and energy to say that it’s going to happen, to say that it has already happened, then you’ll accomplish the things you want out of life. 

By speaking and truly believing every day that the results you want will happen you won’t necessarily solve all your problems, but you will be focused on them and you will be driven every day to accomplish them.

Our subconscious mind controls much of the results in our life, the more we influence our brain to work on the things that we want while we’re not focused, the faster we will get there.

If you want a family, if you want a better position at work, if you want more freedom in life, the first step is to be totally focused on the result you want. When you have a clear goal and know exactly what you want, they will begin to be easily achieved. 

Once you have a clear image all you have to do is remind yourself every day, remind the world and speak what it is that you want. The more you say it and the more convinced you are of it, the faster it will become true.

Again, this isn’t a magic trick that you haven’t discovered before. We all know that if you focus on a project continuously that you will achieve success, consistent effort creates consistent results. What speaking things into being does is keep focus on our goals. The more you speak and believe them, the more you will think of them and you will get to the point, if it’s important enough to you, that every action taken during the day will have to answer, how does this get me closer to my goal.

Look into your future, find what it is that you want to accomplish, your true goals. Take these goals and dreams and speak them into existence, mentally live every day like you’ve already achieved them and keep reminding yourself about it. The more focus you have on it the more likely it will become.

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