Achieve Your Goals

What do you think you could accomplish if you set your mind to it? What if that’s what’s holding you back from achieving more?

A lot of time in business and self development is focused around trying to achieve more and create more, we design our days around accomplishing an ultimate goal in order to be more efficient and accomplish goals faster.

Your own goals may be limiting you.

There are lot’s of times in life where having a goal to shoot towards is what we need. We need to have our 90 days goals, or yearly and 5 years goals in order to have a clear picture of what we’re working towards. You just need to remember that those goals aren’t the end all be all.

There will be opportunities that will come your way and although you have goals that you’re working towards, you can often be blinded by potential just because it doesn’t line up with your vision. Just because you have an idea of what you want, doesn’t mean that’s actually what you’ll want when the time comes.

With so much potential and opportunity in life, you need to always keep an open mind to other opportunities and possibilities that might come your way, you are never tied down to anything, you are only limited by what you let yourself achieve and have.

Two years ago I was working on a dairy goat farm milking goats, imagining what life what turn out to be. I didn’t know if I would go to college or if I would ever leave my home town of Woodstock, Ontario. By having a vision of wanting more and taking every opportunity that I could, even if it didn’t fit into my vision, I’ve created massive change and created a life that is multiple times better than I could have ever imagined. 

I now know that opportunities stop at where you feel you’ve done enough. If you think a new job is enough, you will never see the opportunity to get an even better job, a raise, a better life. If I had said to myself that buying one house to rent out was enough then I wouldn’t be on my ninth deal two years later, living in a different province, looking at purchasing several buy and holds, and having so many other accomplishments. I would be a simple goat farmer.

Ask yourself, do you deserve more? If the answer is anything but yes then you need to seriously ponder. The number one thing holding you back from getting more, doing more and being more, is you. You are the reason you don’t have more.

Your belief that your situation sucks, you don’t have the resources and you just aren’t the right person is holding opportunities back from presenting themself. Even when they do, you don’t acknowledge them because you don’t feel like you’re the right person.

You are the right person, opportunities are meant for you and all you have to do is reach for your goals and accept that you may accomplish more if you keep your options open.

By having a goal that you think is close to unattainable you may be holding yourself back from doing the impossible. Accept that there may be more than what you think.

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