Better To Do It Badly Than Not At All

Take a minute to imagine someone successful, whether it be a friend or a role model, take a minute to imagine what it took for them to get there.  A little hard work and dedication is something we all see there, but that doesn’t really display what is actually going on, in fact, it creates a very fake image of what it takes to become successful.

When we look at our goals we only ever really see where we are at and the final goal that we are trying to achieve, if we imagine traversing this journey, a picture comes into mind of a straight or relatively straight line from point A to B

In reality this journey that we are on is nothing close to straight, there is a 0% chance that things will go this easily and smoothly.  In all human existence there may be 1 person that has, or will have, a journey like this, and even that is a shot in the dark.
When it comes to reaching your goals and better self, you need to expect to fail as it is by failure that we learn what not to do.
The true journey of a successful person is a little more sporadic.
While at first your actions will be so out there and seem like such failures, they will inevitably shoot you in the opposite direction where you can begin a pattern of failing forward.
Despite what you may believe, this is the path that anyone in any successful place has had to go through.  While things like social media can hide the failures and pains that your friends and role models go through, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a necessary process.
Some may continue to think that by waiting for the right opportunity, instead of taking every opportunity, they can avoid the path of failing forward.  This is probably the greatest of mistakes that one can make as it prevents you from moving forward and prevents you from ever knowing what a good opportunity or the right opportunity actually is.
When it comes down to it, you have to become a fool to become a master.  If you’re not willing to become a fool, you will never become a master.

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