Changing Your Life For The Better

Do you truly appreciate what you have or do you constantly feel like you deserve more?

In life there are many opportunities to be upset about your circumstances, plenty of chances to say that your life sucks and that you don’t deserve to have what’s happening to you. You can complain every day about it and nobody will stop you.

But how does that help ever help you?

The truth about complaining about your circumstances is that you’re the only one responsible for being where you’re at. By not eating healthy enough you’ve become fat, because you didn’t working hard enough or smart enough you’re broke, by hanging around the wrong people you’ve started to create bad habits.

It’s all on you.

As hard as that is to hear, it’s the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. The first step in becoming who you’re meant to be and accomplishing your life goals is to realize that it is up to nobody but yourself to get to where you’re trying to go. It is only by your individual efforts that you will ever accomplish anything.

Yes, you need to use the power of other people to expand, but it all starts with you. It starts with you deciding to take responsibility for every last thing that has ever happened or will happen to you. Good or bad. Whether you were physically involved or not, whether it even seems possible that you had anything to with or not. Take responsibility.

Once you’ve accomplished this crucial step, it can never be skipped, you need to remember that life sucks, it’s hard and will never get easier. The only way to live through life without being depressed about everything (since everything sucks), is to appreciate what you do have. 

Appreciate what exists now because not everybody has what you have, in fact nobody does. Appreciate what you’ve created for yourself and know that it was by all the great things that you did in your life that you got here. It wasn’t by anybody else’s doing, it was all you.

You are in control of what your life is, it can be a terrible lie of blaming other people and disappointment in your current situation, or it can be an exciting adventure that you are in full control of that is always bringing on new experiences. The only difference is the way you decide to look at it.

Too many people think that it’s complex, it’s all about where and when you were born, some people are just lucky and because of this they are happy. Too many people believe that if their circumstances were different then their life would be better.

In reality, if your circumstances had started off different, you’d likely be in the same place you are now. They would be the same because it was your thinking, your beliefs, your own two hands that you got here. The only way to change your life is by changing your mind.

Accept and appreciate. Change starts and ends at you.

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