Control The Conversation

In sales and in life the way that you talk can be the difference between being taken seriously and being pushed around.

When making calls in sales there is a constant battle between each person on the phone, both are trying to sell the idea that they are more powerful, smarter and should be listened to. In order to gain the upper hand on a sales call the salesman needs to be 1. sharp as a tack 2. enthusiastic as hell and 3. an expert in their field. When meeting someone in person this can be portrayed largely by the way you present yourself physically, when it comes to talking on the phone it’s all about the way you sound.

Both in person and over the phone still have a huge connection, the way that you sound can be the difference between being taken seriously or being brushed off to the curb. If you fumble over your words or start using um’s and uh’s you start to sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, you start to lose your position as the smartest guy in the room that everyone should listen to. When you start using filler words you sound like you start to sound more desperate to add to the conversation and in the end that pushes people away.

Whether you’re in sales or your just wanting to be taken more seriously, the way you talk is extremely important.

There are conversations in life where you may not care whether you sound more professional or sound like the expert, most people talk from the position that they see themself in. Older siblings talk in a more demanding tone to younger siblings because they feel like they are the expert. These same kids will talk to their parents in a far less demanding tone because they are not the experts nor do they have any power.

To be taken more seriously and to have people coming to you as the expert, you need to be able to talk with certainty, to talk as the expert and to talk with enthusiasm. But this isn’t always so easy to do. Sometimes we get lost in what we should say next or maybe we don’t have the perfect answer, so what do we do then?

When in doubt, use silence.

Silence is the most powerful tool to use in conversation because it not only allows you to take the time to think of a good response but it also keeps other people on their toes, when they expect an instant response they get silence with the question of what you’re going to say next. In sales this is powerful because while you can think of a proper response that will take you one step closer to where you’re trying to go, the person on the other end is thinking about what they just said, what they should have said instead, what you might be thinking, etc. Their mind starts to race. The more the other person talks, and the more you just listen in silence, the less you seem like an average idiot trying to push your views onto someone.

Less is more.

In every day life this is a powerful tool to use because the more you think, the better your responses are. If you constantly talk you’ll be seen as the guy that never shuts his mouth. On the other hand, if you use silence more often you’ll be seen as funnier, smarter, and have more to contribute because when you do open your mouth it’s actually thought out.

If you want to be seen as sharp and an expert, if you want to be seen as more important then learn to talk like someone with more power than you. Learn to use silence and talk at your pace, control the conversation.

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