Do The Impossible

What do you consider to be impossible? What in life would you like to accomplish but don’t think is possible?

Every day I work with people who want to achieve more in life, they want to start working for themselves, they want to make more money, usually to invest in real estate. A lot of these people come up with reasons why they can’t do it.

You’re too young, too old, don’t have the time or the money, the skill or the knowledge, the right heritage and have spent too much on programs that didn’t work for you. I hear it all every day.

When it comes down to it, the things that you want to accomplish but may not feel like are achievable have probably been achieved by someone. Remember that we fly in the air and float in the water with piles of metal, we create machines that can contact anybody in the world in a matter of seconds and we go to stores with an almost unlimited amount of food just sitting there waiting to be eaten.

Things are so good that it’s almost as though we’ve forgotten how amazing everything that we have is, we forget how amazing it is that we are even alive. What are the chances that you, out of all the possibilities in the known and unknown universe, were created.

It almost seems impossible.

Every day you have the choice to say that you’re not the right person or that it can’t be done or you can decide that no matter who you are or what you’ve lived through, you can and will be the exact right person.

If not you than who? If not now then when?

When you come up with excuses as to why you aren’t able to achieve something, you’re really telling the world that you’re not good enough, you’re saying that out of all the impossible possibilities in this universe, it was a mistake that I was born. As if there is a possibility in there being an error.

Every day you do the impossible by breathing, you’re one of a kind and impossible to replicate. When looking at the bigger picture, by looking at how impossible everything is, things become a little more possible.

Who cares what your age or circumstances are, life certainly doesn’t care. Stop making excuses and start taking action, start realizing your dreams and your potential because the only reason you don’t have what you dream of is because at some point you decided that you are the exception to the rule that nothing is impossible.

Every day I hear more and new limiting beliefs. They are beliefs that people have that things can’t work out for them, they are limiting because they are false. They are untrue and only hold you back from achieving the ‘impossible’.

Stop believing that there is such a thing as impossible, what you think is impossible today will become standard life tomorrow. 

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

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