Do The Opposite

Have you ever felt like you’re failing at something? A job, a project, a relationship? Have you ever taken the time to look at exactly what you’re doing and where it’s taking you?

In life there are always times when things stop working out so well, when you try to do something new and it just doesn’t work out. In these times we often try and think of what we can do to make things better, to perform better, we think that we can work harder, work more or maybe just make a few tweaks and everything will be fine.

When you start having issues in performance and accomplishing things, it may not be that you’re doing a few things wrong, it may be that everything about what you’re doing is wrong.

In the most difficult parts of my life I always felt as though I just needed to make a few changes to my routine, to the way I did my tasks, and everything would start to flow again and would take me to the next level.

What I’ve found is that when I’m going through these hard times, instead of trying to fix things, I actually needed to start doing the opposite of what I was doing. Of course I still needed to do the same job at the same time of the day and I still needed to be the same person, but the way I thought about the job and my life could be completely changed around.

While I was becoming exhausted by work and felt like I needed to take more time off to relax, when I was mentally done with everything I decided that I didn’t want to be like that anymore, in fact I wanted to be the opposite.

It’s scary to make a change, often it seems like it will be hard and maybe not even possible. It’s actually the easier than living the way you are now.

When you decide that you are not living the way you want, look at what you want to be doing and the way that you want to feel. Look at what you’re doing to get there and do the opposite.

Doing the opposite sounds extreme, it sound life changing, but it’s not. Doing the opposite is making the conscious decision that what you’re doing isn’t working and is exactly what a successful person would not do.

For me it was about creating success, from being more uplifting to taking more opportunities. I found everything that involved finding success in my life and realized that it was not working for me, I needed to make a change and so I decided to do the opposite.

In your life things may be different, maybe you hate the way a relationship is going and wish it would go in a different direction. I can tell you know, it will not get better until you do the opposite, talk more, get help, be uplifting, do the opposite of what you’re doing now.

At work you may be tired and feel overwhelmed, like you need more time off to relax and rejuvenate. Think for a moment if that will actually help, sometimes you do need a break, but sometimes it’s the fact that you let yourself say you’re tired and overwhelmed, you let yourself say that you more time to relax and so you relax more, get less done, get more on your plate and begin to feel more overwhelmed. 

Doing the opposite isn’t about changing you life, it’s about finding the things that are holding you back and not accepting them anymore. It’s about replacing habits and patterns in your life so that success is easy to achieve and failure is hard to achieve.

Look at your life and ask where you want to be, then ask what that person does every day to be where they’re at. Ask this because if you were already doing what they do then you’d already be there, you’d already be that person.

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