Exercise Your Brain

When was the last time you challenged your mind? How often do you exercise your brain?

It’s common knowledge in our society that we need to keep active, we need to keep our muscles strong or we become a vegetable.

A regular thing for us is to go to the gym every day, to go for a run, lift weights and push our physical bodies to become stronger, to be able to endure more. But why don’t we do that with our minds?

Exercising your brain is a neglected exercise in our world today, instead of challenging it, learning more and making it grow we often sit around watching Netflix and scrolling through instagram.

In comparison, if we were to do the same thing with our bodies, this would be like sitting around eating pizza and cake. Fun for a day or two before you get fat and can’t move.

We treat our bodies almost sacrificially, we’ll eat the healthiest foods so that we feel better, we’ll exercise every day in order to be stronger and look better, we’ll constantly dress it up and try to have the best body out of everyone we know. But we never do the same thing with our brains.

If we put the same effort into our brains our lives would be much different. We might have a cheat day of watching Netflix one day but in all, we’d spend more time learning and exercising our brains. It sounds weird to do but it’s something that should be done way more often.

After high school, college or university, most people stop reading books, they stop pushing their brain only learning what needs to be done at work. People stop learning and stop exercising their brain because they don’t realize how important it is. 

If you were to stop being active and instead ate whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted and sat around all the time right after high school, I’m sure that within a few years you’d be so out of shape that you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street.

Now think of what your brain is becoming.

You don’t necessarily need to be the jacked up guy at the gym with your brain, you just need to keep it active, keep it going and challenge it every once in a while.

Pick up a book, try out a puzzle or download an app on your phone. Have some fun with it, just don’t neglect your brain and the importance of exercising it.

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