What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is something we all long for, it’s something we desire and see as our main importance in life. To be free. But what is true freedom and how do we actually get it?

In government we consider freedom as having a democracy, being able to choose who we have in power. In every day life we consider freedom as being able to move out of our parents house and make our own life, to be able to get a pet if we want.

By simply looking at what we consider freedom we can see that freedom is really choice. Choice to do and say what we want. The definition of freedom is in fact ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint’ according to google.

Great, we know what it means. But how does that help us to create true freedom in our life, how does this help us to wake up everyday and feel freedom in everything we do and truly be free?

Why is it that although we are in a free country and we can all say we have freedom, we don’t always feel free. We often feel trapped by the way society decides we should be. Once you finish highschool you’re obliged to go to college and get a 9-5 job. You’re expected to buy a house, start a family and retire when you’re 65.

Are you truly free if you need to follow a certain path in order to be considered normal?

In entrepreneurship people are often seen as different, they are questioned and asked when they’re getting a real job. People praise their family members who go into debt buying a new car but brush aside those who write a book because it’s not the same path that they took.

Freedom is a constant battle because we tend to seek approval from others, it’s how we learn. When we do something stupid people tell us they don’t approve and we change, effectively making us into a functioning society. But if you just do what others approve of then you’ll never truly understand freedom.

True freedom is not only having choice, but also acting on that choice. True freedom is understanding what your options are and deciding what is best for you, what you truly desire, and acting on it no matter what others say.

If people never pushed against the world the wright brother would never have flown, slavery would never have been abolished and Christopher Columbus would never have set to the seas.

Freedom is about having a vision and going at it with everything you have no matter the roadblocks.

Once you listen to your heart and know what you want out of your life, once you decide that you won’t give up on your dreams, once you start taking action, then, and only then, will you be truly free.

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