Get Excited

What get’s you excited every day? What drives you?

Everyone has something that gets them excited, that gives them purpose, that gives them a reason to get up in the morning. 

It can be as simple as drinking coffee, there are people that just love coffee and think about it all day long. It can also also be work, love, fishing, helping others, anything. The point is, there’s something for everyone.

Not everyone knows what this something is though, to some it can be hard to find and it changes often. Having things to get excited about can be a constant struggle, a struggle that is solved for a moment before it isn’t enough anymore.

When you find something to be excited about, you can move mountains to accomplish it. When you’re excited about something you can do the impossible.

So how do you get excited about something?

Getting excited about things isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just wake up one day and say you’re going to take action and accomplish your goals. In life, getting excited about something can be the hardest part.

Instead of trying to get excited about what’s going on right now, you need to get excited about where you’re going with what you’re doing now. You need to future pace yourself, look at something you want to do, something that isn’t real yet and may not even seem possible.  Get excited about a life that doesn’t exist yet and know that everything you’re doing today and tomorrow and next week will be getting you there.

The beauty with this is that your dream can be anything, it can be owning an apartment complex, working your dream job, or even sipping a cup of coffee in Italy. You don’t need to know how you’re going to accomplish it or what your next steps are, all you need is that dream to get excited about.

Even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, by having the image in your head and getting excited about it, you can make it a reality.

Once you have this idea to get excited about, every day life will get easier. Waking up in the morning will have purpose, going to your daily work will bring you one step closer to that day and through it all you will be able to think of that one goal, that one dream and you’ll know that it’s only a matter of time.

Start dreaming, get excited and work towards something.

Another way to look at is would be the view from when you were a kid. When you were young you got so excited about birthdays, Christmas, sleepovers, etc. that you didn’t even remember anything that happened the day before. Kids get so excited that they’ll go to bed early so that the next day comes faster, they’ll wake up early and they’ll be talking about it for weeks beforehand. 

If you could take this joy into your world, if you could find something that gets you that excited, you could change your world.

Find something in your future that makes it so the things you don’t want to do are just a minor inconvenience. Your dream life is in your grasp, get excited about it.

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