Humans Are Irrational

Why do we love red front doors on our homes?  Why do we love apple products so much? Why do we buy clothes and sometimes not even ever wear them?  Why do we love being right so much? Why do we take written word as truth? And on and on it goes…
The fact that we are irrational makes me wonder if maybe being the most irrational person is what makes the greatest people in our world.
There really wasn’t much reason to be the first human in space other than to say “we did it first!”, Micheal Phelps winning 28 gold medals at the Olympics was completely unnecessary for anything other than to say “I’m the best.”
When I look at the greatest people of our time, it’s crazy the things they do.
Bill Gates was considered crazy when he said that he wanted to put a computer in every house and now there’s one in everyone’s pocket.
Trump, who is disliked by so many for being so irrational, has created billions of dollars and is now the president of the USA.
Success story after success story starts off with people saying ‘you can’t do that’ and asking ‘why would you do that?’ before one person turns around and says ‘why can’t I do that?’ and ‘why shouldn’t I do that?’
Things don’t always make logical sense, sometimes people just believe that something can be different and they go out and somehow change it.
Irrationality to me is a big part of success, the more comfortable you are with things that don’t make sense, the more fun you find randomness and the more excited you get about being random, the more successful you will be.
I personally have enjoyed my random and irrational decisions.  From buying tickets to fly to Europe on a Monday and leaving on the following Thursday with no plans to shaving all my hair off, from deciding to run an investing association for two hours a day five days a week to deciding to not drink alcohol for a year, from deciding to buy my first house at 18 to investing in professional coaching after watching no more than two videos on the guy, irrationality and deciding things on a whim has driven my life to the success I’ve had.
I’m not saying we should all go out and do the craziest things we can think of, these irrationalities should be linked to a higher idea or goal.  It doesn’t have to make sense how they connect, it just has to be aimed towards something.
Every irrational thing I do is aimed at self development, learning and growing my business.  I don’t do things unless I see a benefit to one of those three things, I don’t spend time with people unless I see a benefit to one of those three things.
Irrationality = success
Excuse me while I go learn French, host a negotiation class, make 20+ offers on houses a week, get $3million from investors, buy a house every month and wait for my next spontaneously irrational idea to pop up in my head.

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