Santa’s Out For Your Money!

Sales tactics have always been tricky. The more we think we figure out what the corporations are doing, the more they seem to find new ways to slip past us using a new tactics. As a student of psychology I always like to understand how people think and like to watch and read about how people are “tricked” into buying more.

Here’s one I find very interesting

As many of us know, Christmas is the busiest time for Santa (a.k.a. toy companies) and it is likely the time of year the corporate companies walk away with lots of cash in their pockets.

But what happens during January when everyone realises that they gave all their money to Santa?

What happens when Christmas and New Years is over and everyone decides that their resolution for the year (a.k.a. the next month) is to not spend any more money, especially on toys?

Well let me tell you, the corporations get clever.

Now, I will not say I know every tactic they use, and I will not say these tactics work on everyone, I’m just here as a student telling others the interesting things that I find.

Have you ever seen a toy commercial on your kids television shows? Maybe there’s a specific toy that you keep seeing pop up over and over and over again specifically in the months just before Christmas?

Santa uses this tactic on the average person because if he can get your kids to really want a specific toy just before Christmas, he knows he can get the kids to promise their parents that they will get them that toy for Christmas.

All is good at this point, we can’t blame Santa for advertising a simple toy, but here’s where things get tricky.

As Christmas comes closer, Santa will undersupply this toy that he has been pushing hard on the children so that when our lovely parents go Christmas shopping last minute, they’re shit out of luck! The toy is sold out!

When the toy you promised to get is sold out, all you can do is purchase something else of equal value so that your kids are happy and you can go on living your life.

Simple, easy, quick. Your kids didn’t get what they want, but they still got something cool!

Now, when January roles around, and you’re enjoying the thought of not purchasing anything until next Christmas, Santa wakes from his slumber (or from whatever else he’s supposed to be doing for the rest of the year) and starts marketing that toy you promised your kids! Again you’ll go through, painfully I might add, hours of kids shows with the same advertisements over and over and over again.

The point to this is that when your kid sees the toy again and is reminded of the promise you gave them you’ll be forced to either (a) go out, purchase the toy and forget about your yearly resolution or (b) go back on your promise to your kids, effectively telling them that lying is okay and you can’t keep a promise.

And that’s that, Santa made double money, your kids got double the toys and you need another credit card!

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