Make Tomorrow A Better Day

What in life are you taking advantage of? What are you not taking advantage of?

There is always the potential to do something better and there is always the potential to use something too much. Although it’s hard to see the line, it can be something that can change your life dramatically for the better.

Ask yourself what thing in life you know you need to take advantage of. A lot of the time it’s things that you see as unimportant until they’re gone. These things are most commonly youth and good health.

When you’re young you often don’t think to use that in order to accomplish and learn more than your older counterparts, when you’re healthy you don’t think to use that to find motivation in staying healthy so that you can live a long and prosperous life.

The issue that all of us seem to have is that we don’t think of the future. We enjoy what we have now and are never willing to sacrifice a little of what’s right in front of us so that we can continue to have it in the future.

If you take advantage of the things that are in front of you now to better your future, you can have accomplish more than anyone else can even imagine because those other people will just be looking at what they have now and see that it’s impossible to have what you have. 

The only way to become the best is to start working on it today so that in five plus years, you’ll have an ‘advantage’ over everyone else.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born the muscular man that would just naturally become an icon, he worked every day when he had the time and strength to do so. He started off just as small and little as the rest of use.

Donald Trump didn’t just inherit the white house, he built up an unimaginably huge business, went hundreds of millions of dollars into debt and used his strengths to become one of the most well known men of our time. Mr. Trump could’ve spent his dad’s money on women and drugs to enjoy his life but instead he went into the painful world of business in order to become the president in his 70’s. He had presidency on his mind already 50 years earlier.

Once you realize that you need to focus on your future with what you have today, you will become so much more throughout your life. But this can be the hardest thing to do.

It’s so easy to take advantage of what we have today, it’s easy to see that we have some money in the bank and some free time and just decide to go travel Europe or go party with our friends because you only live once.

I agree that we need to enjoy life and have fun with friends, but that’s something that so many people take way too much advantage of.

As the popular saying goes, you can live your twenties and work the rest of your life or you can work your twenties and live the rest of your life.

The struggle that everyone has is that we don’t see the future as reality, we see today as reality and the future as just a dream. We live in the moment and once the moment has past, we often regret what we lived because our new reality is broken and hard since we never sacrificed anything.

Listen to anyone older than you and they’ll always tell you that they wish they did something sooner, put more effort into something, or pursued a dream that would’ve changed their life in the present.

Instead of looking at the past to see what we have now, we need to start future pacing ourselves and see how what we are doing now is going to affect what we live in the future. This takes faith and belief, you will never know if what you’re doing now is truly going to make your life better, but you need to believe that if you focus on how to create a better life in the future, you will have a better future.

Start taking advantage of the things that you have now, take advantage of things that you won’t always have and not everyone has. Take advantage and remember that it takes sacrifice to live a better life, if you live in a world of pleasure and good times, you’ll work the rest of your life and never have the freedom you want.

You don’t need to sacrifice everything, just keep in mind what you’re doing now is always going to affect your tomorrow. If you can keep this in mind, you’ll certainly change the way you live your life. 

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