Do you have someone who changes the way you see the world? Do you change the way someone else see the world?

In a world of education there is always the potential to learn from someone, some do it by going to school, some just watch youtube or read blogs. At the end of the day, the best way to better yourself is to learn.

Although there are so many ways to learn and grow, the best way has always been and will always be directly from someone else. In our history we use to be taken under someone’s wing such as a carpenter, blacksmith or farmer and taught how to work hard and to things right, we learned from the stories that these people shared and the lessons that they taught us.

Today we don’t get jobs by becoming an apprentice, some will but most wont. Today what we go to school and get a job, we learn from our own mistakes and are left to our own devices. 

The reason an apprenticeship was so important was because it would allow a young person to spend every day around someone who has been in the business for years, it would allow to hear stories that would keep them from making mistakes made in the past, it would motivate them to become better.

When we think of modern day apprenticeships, it’s nothing more than a job placement, it’s focused around getting work experience and not about spending time around a successful person in the business. It’s about experience and not knowledge.

To get ahead in this world you need to have more knowledge than experience, no matter how much experience you have, someone with more knowledge will always be one step ahead.

So how do we get more knowledge when everyone is trying to get more experience? Mentors.

Mentors are the people in your life who have gotten to where you’re trying to go, they are the wise old man across the street, the business owner, the mom’s and the dad’s, they’re the people that you want to be like one day.

These people are important to have in your life because they have been where you’re at, they’ve struggled through the same things and worked to get where they’re at now. These people have gained knowledge over the years and are now able to pass this knowledge onto you.

Not everyone will be willing to pass on knowledge nor is everyone willing to accept more knowledge, the truth can be hard.

When you can find someone willing to share knowledge your life can be changed forever, never let these people go. When you can have a mentor to teach you the ropes of life, teach you how to avoid failures and find success faster than they ever could you will see opportunities that no one else in this world ever has.

Mentors can help you through the hardest times and push you higher in the good times, they are filled with wisdom and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Once you’ve found some mentors and are able to start finding more success in life you also have to remember to share the love. There will be people starting off that need a mentor, people that need that knowledge in order to grow. When you find these people and they actively ask for help bring them in, don’t push them away.

When people start asking for advice and help use that as a sign that you have become wise enough to become a mentor, you have fought enough battles to be considered wise. This is important to your own growth as there are things that a mentee will help you learn, they will help you grow faster and will spread your name further than you ever could on your own.

Life is filled with knowledge, the most successful people in this world got there because they knew something that others didn’t. The more you can learn from others the better, the more you can spread your knowledge the faster people will come to you and put you into better opportunities.

Success in life is not achievable on your own, you need other people to teach you more and push you further. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t hesitate to give it.

I want to give a big shoutout to all the mentors in my life, I would never have gotten to where I am without the help and knowledge of other people. I also thank all the people I’ve given advice to and help to make successful for giving me the opportunity to teach.

It is from the knowledge that I’ve gained and will continue to grow that I will create success.

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