Taking Chances

When’s the last time you took a chance on something?

Some people are naturally born to take on more risk while others are more likely to hold back and look at it from different angles. Some people get a thrill from taking chances while others are timid. 

Are either of these even a good idea?

When you take every opportunity that comes your way you end up getting screwed. In real estate you can be put out of business by doing one bad deal. On the other hand, if you never take a chance, you’ll never learn and you’ll never grow. Forever at a standstill. 

In between these two options there’s a third, and as you can probably guess, the third option is the one you want. 

We all want to be that guy that can just take every opportunity and weget away with it but none of us want to deal with the chance of failure and being skrewed. 

That third option that we have is to not take every opportunity but still take chances, it’s to collect only 70-80% of the information and make a decision of if it’s right for you at that time. 

It isn’t hard to get analysis paralysis, if we could get 100% of the information then we would know the answer to every problem. And that’s just not possible .

It’s also easy to not collect enough information and just hope that it works out. 

Amazingly, the hardest thing to do is option number three. You have to decide that it’s a possibility, decide to gather information to make sure it will work and then cut yourself off from getting more information and just say you’re doing it. 

Taking Chances is hard, it will never get easier.

Every time you say you’ll do something when you haven’t looked into it at all, you risk failure. Every time you try to gather more information, you risk failure. 

If you want to see opportunities that nobody else can then stop taking uneducated guesses and stop trying to know 100% of the possibilities, both will lead to you not getting anything done.

I’ve gotten to where I am today not because took unediunedu guesses and got lucky and certainly not because I got all the information. I got here because I knew enough about the decision to confidently say yes and went at it with everything I had. 

Have some faith in yourself and believe that things will work out, look to where you want to go and take actionable steps to get there. At the end of the day, the only thing holding you back from success is you. 

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