The One True Path To Money

What do you think of when you read this title? What’s the one true path to money?

Many would choose to believe that it has to do with your connections, your job or education level and none of those would be correct.

Taking a moment to look at one of the most prominent billionaires of our time, Donal Trump, many choose to believe that he became rich because of his father. There is a constant idea that people have that if they were giving $1million, $100million, $1billion they would be able to create an empire and create an unheard amount of money as they claim Trump did. People believe that if they knew the people he knew, had his dad, had his money, they would have his success.

Little do people realize that Donal Trump had a brother named Fred Trump Jr. who had the same opportunities, same connections, same access to capital and yet he became nothing more than a pilot, was addicted to alcohol and died at the age of 43 because of it.

If I were to say nothing else, I believe my point has been shown, it has nothing to do with what you think it is.

So what does it really take to make money? What’s the TRUE path?

Most people around my age think that the only path is to go to school or win the lottery or do something that they know they can’t do it. And so they just believe that money isn’t there for them and there is no path. And I can relate to that.

Just a few years ago I was that average kid who just worked a regular job, I believed that if I wanted to be a success that I would need to go to school, work my way up the corporate ladder and hopefully one day be making six figures.

It wasn’t until I started spending more time with and started to study the truly successful people in this world, it wasn’t until I truly tried to understand what it takes and, honestly, it didn’t truly click until a multimillionaire man told me very bluntly what it takes.

What truly determines your worth in this world, to people, in money, in society, is your ability to execute.

Your ability to do what needs to be done, your ability to do what you’re told and not be told twice, your ability to do the things that you don’t want to do will all determine your success.

The reason I’ve gotten to where I am today is because of what drives me. I get excited by doing the things that nobody else is willing to do, I find it fun to execute where nobody else can or will execute. I don’t do it for success or fame or money, I do it because it makes me feel good to accomplish something that nobody else will do.

It feels good to do the things that nobody in your family will or can do, you can know that those things your friends keep talking about are achievable and it’ll feel great when you can do it and they can’t. 

We have dominated this planet by thriving off of competition, the best and the strongest won the wars, the smartest caught and grew the best food and now, in today’s day and age, the strongest and smartest are the business people, then men and women that can execute.

It has nothing to do with where they come from, many of the most well known people of our time have come from broken families and broken homes and many have come from successful and rich families. What remains true is that those who ‘make it’ are unparalleled in their execution.

The successful and rich keep pushing, they do what they say they will do and don’t let up, they get it done.

What’s the true path to money? It’s doing what you say you will do, it’s doing what you’re told and more at work, it’s doing things when you, or anybody, don’t want to do it.

Become an executioner because somebody has to do it, somebody has to become the 1%, so why not you? Why not suck it up and go for it?

It’s not because you don’t know how because there is no one way to do it. It’s all about doing things and seeing them through, you’ll find the right way to go along the way.

So next time you don’t want to do something just remember that nobody does. Nobody wants to do those stupid little jobs, but somebody has to. And the person that does do it will be one notch above the rest.

Be enough notches above the rest and you’ll be the only one people come to.

Don’t complain, nobody cares, nobody wants to do it either, we get it. Be the person that gets it done and you’ll become a legend. From the simplest things to the most complex, the person that just gets it done will be remembered.

Donald Trump got to where he is by constantly executing, he became known as the guy that could get it done, he became the man that people would go to, the executioner.

Steve Jobs created apple by executing his dreams and ideas for decades, by orchestrating his company through thick and thin.

Einstein struggled with the same problems for years yet executed on them daily, always thinking about how to solve them and doing the painstaking trial and error process. Steven Hawking worked off these ideas and spent his entire life trying to understand time. 

Constant execution on the simplest things can change the world.

Ray Krok worked and worked, never giving up on creating something great. Once he got ahold of Mcdonalds he had become such an unstoppable executioner, it was inevitable that he would create an amazing business.

I can go on and on with this, believe me, I spent half a day watching documentaries the other day on some of the most influential people in this world.

One thing always remains true and one thing always changes. The one thing that stays the same is that the people that change the world and the people that become insanely rich are the ones who know how to get shit done. The one thing that always changes is everything else. How they did it, what they did, what their resources were, etc.

You can be something amazing, the only thing holding you back is you. 

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