The Power Of Habit

Many people believe that they are the way they are and there’s no way to change that. People say they are night owls, they believe they are ‘addicted’ to things like food, candy and smoking, they tell themselves they’re antisocial and lazy.

The reality is that these are habits that you have formed in your life. All of these habits can be manipulated and replaced.

Around the year 1890 a man by the name of George Stratton began conducting experiments on himself by wearing goggles that flipped his field of vision a complete 180 degrees.

The longer Mr. Stratton wore these glasses for the more he began to feel like this was normal. When it came to taking off the glasses his mind would have to readjust often causing him to do things like reach out with his right arm when objects were on his left side.

In later years, Nasa began to implement this technique to train astronauts. When these astronauts began wearing ‘inverted-glasses’ for long periods of time something amazing happened.

Around the 30 day mark of the astronauts wearing these glasses 24/7 the brains of the astronauts rewired themselves.

By wearing these glasses consistently and forcing a new habit on the brain, the astronauts began to see the world right side up again.

With the power of habit, the brain rewired what it believed to be a reality. After 30 days of seeing the world upside down, their vision miraculously flipped back over.

When we think of our lives we like to believe that we were born the way we are and that there’s no way to change that. Although there are things that can be attributed to this, when it comes to our daily rituals, habits and so forth, we are in control.

Next time you have a habit that isn’t healthy, remember that you are in control of that habit. If you want to change the way you live, spend 30 days taking consistent action, it’ll change your world.

You can let your habits control you, or you can control your habits.

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