The Power Of Words

Why is it that we use such boring words all the time?

How was your day? Okay.

How’s business? Alright.

How’s life? Busy.

Do you not realize you’re making your life boring? Do you not see you’re making others see less of you?

I’ve given up boring words a long time ago and I’ll be happy to tell you that it has changed my life for the better. When people ask how I’m doing, I say fantastic or amazing. When people ask about business I’ll tell them it’s outstanding and I’ve never been more successful. This isn’t because this is necessarily true, I have have shitty, busy, boring days, but there’s no reason to let the world know that.

When people ask you these question you have the ability to paint a picture. You can say the boring, unenthusiastic words and end up with a black canvas, or be more original, inspiring and exciting by painting a colourful work of art. you might think that a black canvas sounds cool, but unless it has some famous name on it, it’s just a black canvas. On the other hand, if you decide to make things exciting and you decide that you’re words can impact your happiness and other people’s days, you have the ability to paint an amazing piece of art while also brightening up the lives of others.

I was at a restaurant called The Chop where I ate a $40 salad. It was the most fantastic salad I’ve ever had in my life, and when the waiter came to me at the end of the meal and asked “how was your meal?” I replied with “absolutely delightful”. The waiter had never heard anyone say something like this before, she instantly smiled, laughed and said thanks for the complement to the meal.

With just a slight change of words I expressed my true feelings towards something rather than saying the normal “oh, it was good, thanks”. With just a slight change of words I brightened up someone else’s night.

This is such as simple task that anyone can do, it’s something that really doesn’t even take up any effort, but it can make things so much more exciting and interesting.

Quit being an uninspiring, boring, lazy bum, say something interesting, something exciting, and most of all, say what you truly feel.

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