The Pursuit Of Passion

What gets you excited every day? What are the things in life that you can talk about nonstop?

With all the opportunities that come your way in life, there comes a lot of responsibility to what you actually want to focus on. There will always be the option to learn something new and always be the option to pursue something new.

But that isn’t always the best idea. 

There are a lot of times that you probably shouldn’t pursue something, you shouldn’t become a personal trainer just because you got to the gym, maybe you hate working out and just force yourself to stay in shape. You shouldn’t start a bakery if you despise being in the kitchen, you’d go insane!

When it comes to the things that you focus in on, the things that you really hone your skill towards and do to the best of your ability, you need to have passion for it, you need to be excited by it.

But how do you determine what these things are?

It can be hard to see what you’re passionate about when looking from the inside out. You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar.

What you need to do is look from the outside in. What kind of people do you hang around with and what do you talk about. What’s that one thing that gets you excited when you start talking about it with your friends.

In my circle of friends and family I can point out the people that talk about the gym all the time both in person and on social media, I can certainly find the people who get excited by being in the kitchen and the people who are excited about their work. 

That being said, I can also point out the people that hate what they do, who don’t like what they’re going to school for and have no passion or excitement in their life. This is easy to see because the never share what they’re doing and when they’re asked about it the give little to no response.

It can be hard to see what excites you so try and ask some friends and family what they think it is. Ask what you always bring up in conversations and what you sound most excited about. There are probably a few things that you haven’t noticed that some people probably find annoying because you talk about so much.

That’s passion.

If you can start to focus on the things that really get you going, you will find much more enjoyment out of what you do. On top of this, you’ll easily become the expert in your field because it will come so naturally to learn it.

All it takes for you to find what really excites you is to ask someone outside of the jar to read the label. If you can take it to heart and run with it, you can move mountains.

Reach for your highest potential and follow your passion.

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