Weathering The Storm

How do you react to hard times? Do you push through with a smile or do you become consumed and destroyed by it?

The more you do in your life, the harder it will be to stay positive about the hard times. This isn’t because there are more or less of them but because they will take more out of you. Between emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy, the harder you push, the more you will be depleted.

Not everyone will understand what this is like, there are people that get tired and call it quits, they push against their energy and they instantly become negative about it. They believe that they have it hard because it’s not easy. Nobody has it easy.

If nobody has it easy then is there such a thing as easy? Why do we try to achieve what doesn’t exist?

Whenever you look at other people, everything seems easy as can be. In the world we live in today, it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds of being on social media for you to find someone that seems to have a better life, to find someone who is making something of themselves and making it look easy.

There’s no shortage of make-believe people.

Everyone tries to make it look like their life is easy, like it’s better. We all want to have that easy life where everything works out and we never have to worry about anything. It’s because of this that we put on a front, we fake it every day so that everyone will think we’re great when in reality we’re just as broken as the rest of the world.

You will go through hard times and if you think that someone had it easier and got further in life than you because they had it easier, you’re completely wrong. 

There are people that can accomplish bigger things because of the families they were born into, there are people that are born smarter, faster and richer. But that doesn’t mean they have it easier. Just as there are those who have more there are those with more drive who aren’t held back as much. You may have less than the next guy but that doesn’t mean you can’t work smarter and do more.

What most people don’t see with doing more is that it’s not necessarily about your circumstances. You can blame growing up poor on the family you were born into, but you can’t blame continuing being poor on the same thing. 

Your mindset is everything.

The harder you push, the more you will be drained and the more the world will push back against you. To do more with less you need to be able to push harder than those who have more. You need to be able to weather the storms.

This can be the hardest thing to do, harder than anything you’ve ever done before. Weathering the storm is being in trapped in the craziness of life, having problems piling up, being drained from not having the option to sleep with fear of the boat capsizing, it’s holding on to the wheel for dear life.

To weather the storm like nobody else and come out ahead of everyone else, you need to stay positive, you need to have a small and laugh at the terrible situation your in and the pain you have to suffer through because nothing else will get you through it. Embrace the storm and go at it with open arms.

If you get negative and scared, if you hide from the storm, the storm will consume you. You will be taken down, your ship will be destroyed and there will be no recovery. In non-boating terms this would mean getting into drugs, women, gambling and anything to fill the pain of suffering and fear of everything that’s happening in your life.

There are always storms, they never go away. Sometimes the sun shines and everything is beautiful, but that can change in an instant. Be prepared to enter the storm, prepare beforehand and know that it’s coming. Also know that there is always an end the storm, no storm lasts forever and all you have to do is live through it.

You can lose your sanity in a storm our you can come out wiser and stronger. The captain didn’t become the captain by knowing the right people, he got there by surviving more storms than anyone else, learning from every one of them and becoming the wisest and strongest man on the ship. The crew need to know that their captain won’t sink their ship.

When times are tough, learn to push through them by staying at the steering wheel with a smile, lift up the moral of your crew and face the storm head on, have some fun with it.

If you abandon your positivity then the crew will run, you will hide and your ship will sink. 

Change your mindset, weather the storm and become the captain with the biggest ship.

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