What To Do When Lost

Do you often wonder where you should go next or what you should do next?

Possibilities lie behind every action you take and there is always the potential that would you do next can either help you or harm you. So how do you decide?

We always struggle with trying to make the right choice, believing that there is such a thing. We believe that if we do things in a certain way then we get the results that we’re looking for, we believe that there’s only one thing to go for and only one way to do it. 

That’s the opposite from true. 

The problem with this belief is that you’re assuming you’re the smartest person out there, you’re basically saying you know everything and have the answer to all the problems. Wich is not possible. 

You need to understand that there is always a better way to do things, there will always be a way that is faster, smarter and more efficient. The only reason you haven’t found a better way yet is because you’ve allowed yourself to believe that you already found the best way. 

So how do you go about finding a better way?

It starts off by looking at other people, understanding how people have gotten to where you want to be and what they’re doing now to stay there. It then goes to something even more important, stepping into fear. 

In life, generally the thing that scares you the most is exactly what you need to be doing. 

Fear is created by stepping into the unknown, it’s doing something and not knowing or believing in the outcome, it’s believing that the way things are now are the best they can be and anything you do differently will make your life worse. 

Fear is the ultimate deterrent of success because it’s often where your next success lies. We don’t fear a better life, we fear that something bad has to happen for us to get there, we fear that we don’t deserve it, we fear that the life we live now is actually better, we fear change.

And so we fear having a better life. 

The best way to decide what your next steps are towards your goals is to look at what you fear. Do you fear waking up at 5am, do you fear a conversation with your boss or spouse, do you fear changing parts of your life. Look at these fears and know that if you can overcome them then you will achieve much more than you thought possible, even if they seem irrelevant. 

The only way to overcome fear is by stepping into it and realizing that it was fake. 

Fear is just the unknown. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. We are all afraid of something. 

Don’t run away from fear, run into and discover all this world has to offer. 

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