Words Can Change Your Life

What’s the last thing you said that brightened up somebody’s day?

Every day you have the choice of what comes out of your mouth, you have choice to be negative, to put people down and create drama. You also have the choice to be positive, to lift people up and to create value in people’s lives. 

There are many times in life that the only thing holding people back is their words. When we speak without certainty and instead say maybe or I think so, we create a comfort zone where it could either be a yes or a no. 

When we have this zone of uncertainty are actions follow suite. We become less enthusiastic and determined to succeed because we don’t actually say yes. We also waste too much time because we keep the possibility open on things that should be a no. 

By removing floating words you will become more focused and will have a clear path to where you’re trying to go. 

Other words are powerful as well. By lifting people up with positivity and praise you can drive them to succeed and bring joy into their life.

By being wise with what you say you can create value. 

Think of the way that you speak now, how often do you say things like maybe, sure, think so, kind of, and similar words. Where do those conversations end up?

If you’re trying to go out for dinner wih someone and they say sure to an option it’s almost as if they didn’t give an answer, you’re still unclear if what they actually want is. If they say yes, the decision is made. 

If you can replace these words with certainty words such as yes, no, now and other very clear words, you can remove a lot of bullshit from your life. 

By changing the words you use your life will become more elegant, it’ll be easier to be kind and helpful others, it’ll be easier to accomplish your goals. 

The less clutter you have, the better everything gets. 

Next time you talk with someone be positive, be certain and have confidence in what you’re saying. Before you know it, you’ll be the person that people want to talk to.

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