You Are More Powerful Than Google

What do you struggle with most? Have you ever considered that maybe you’re the best person to solve the issues that you’re facing?

We are always looking for a solution to our problems, often looking to other people whether that be friends, family, mentors or elders, we are often looking for someone who may know how to help us through the hard times of life.

One thing that we don’t realize is how much that we already know.

Often the best way to answer a question with how to deal with something, or which decision to make, your best option is actually to sit down and ask yourself what it is. It’s taking the time to listen to your subconscious mind speak and answer the questions you have of life.

Some people do this by meditating, others do it by practicing faith and praying, in the end it’s asking the unknown or our subconscious what the answer is. It’s having faith that the answer is there and just needs to be connected to your question.

There is so much power in your subconscious mind that we never take advantage of. Just on it’s own it can keep our entire body functioning without us even thinking about it, on top of this it’s always learning and making connections to improve. To this day we are unable to replicate anything even close to as powerful as our brain.

So why do we google things instead of asking the most powerful tool in the known universe?

It’s a hard thing to grasp, it’s something that can’t be seen and is thus something that is overlooked, but it’s something that can answer more questions than you know to ask.

Over the past week I’ve been suffering with questions of meaning and purpose, my work had been not up to my usual standards and I had a lot of questions. So I sat down every day and night and asked my subconscious mind what the answer was.

I didn’t expect an answer right away but I was constantly looking.

Then, just this morning, I had a series of dreams that brought meaning and passions to my life, it created a joy that I hadn’t felt in a long time. After my subconscious mind created these images and feelings that answered my questions and I was able to accomplish more in my day at work than I had ever before.

My own mind brought clarity to my life.

It’s always important to get help from other people, to have mentors and friends that can lead you and guide you in the right direction. Sometimes you just need to look inward for answers rather than outwards.

Have some faith in yourself and the power of your brain, you know a lot more than you think you do.

I’ve been reminiscing on my dreams from this morning asking my subconscious what they truly mean to me and how I can use what I learned and felt to improve on my life. I’ll certainly be asking mentors and friends what they think the dreams meant and I’ll use what I learn from others and my own brain to improve on my life.

You are one of a kind and you are way smarter than you think. Listen to your subconscious and believe that you can answer the hardest problems that you are faced with.

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