You Must Fail

Are you scared of failure? Do you think failure will hold you back?

No matter how much we love to learn and no matter how much we like to teach, the only way for people to truly understand things is by doing and failing, by trying to do the things that people have failed multiple times on and failing at it as well. The only way for you kids to learn to not jump off high ledges is by doing it and feeling the pain of making stupid decisions. You can tell your kid over and over not to do it but they will never truly understand until they’ve done it themselves.

Time and time again I’ve worked with people that are getting into business, sales and real estate, including myself. Theses people are told about every way that they can fail, every way that what they are doing is wrong because people have done it before and failed. Time and time again they decide to try it anyways and in the end fail just the same as everyone else. It sucks and people can often look back and see that people were telling them all along about doing or not doing certain things but it isn’t until they’ve tried and failed that they truly understand what they were being told before.

Looking back at my conversations with coaches I realize that I’ve done a number of things that they told me never to do. Last year on day one I had a conversation with my real estate coach saying that the number one thing that breaks real estate investors, the number one reason that they fail is because of lack of focus, the main reason people stop seeing success is because they start getting full of themselves and try to do too much too fast, they get unfocused on what they’re actually doing and they stop being able to get the success that they had before. Over the past year I’ve lost focus several times, fallen off the track and not listened to my coaches advance. I can see the failures that I’ve had and remember the times that I was told not to do those things.

Now, by actually having the education and the knowledge before failing I have passed over a lot of failures and I thank my coach for telling me of these things because I’ve been able to catch on much faster and deal with my failures much faster and be able to not make those mistakes again because I knew of them and have failed by them. Not everyone has the knowledge and education to see the failures that they’ve made, many will go years without understanding what they did wrong. Unfortunately, either way, people must fail to learn.

Learning can work in the same way, people generally don’t learn unless they can apply it to their life and see real world examples of it working. The guys that work for me often do this while I’m training them, I’ll tell them over and over again to do things a certain way, that they aren’t having success because of a certain reason but it isn’t until they themselves discover the issue and start doing it a different way that they actually learn and start applying the knowledge, at this point they consider it their own ideas and start trying to teach me the same concepts because they never had something to attach it to when I was saying it. Education is often useless unless you can apply it, in the programs that I help people through with business building and real estate investing we have them come to our office and see first hand what successful real estate investing businesses look like, we show them real deals and show them people making real money, most people don’t believe it until they see it and many more don’t believe it until they do it themselves.

As unfortunate as it is, in order to grow you must fail. There are easier ways to fail, by having help and living with a strong and intelligent community it is much easier to spot mistakes and learn from them but in the end we are all human and will all fail.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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