About Ian Streutker

From farmer to real estate to business expansion, Ian has spent the last 4 years dedicating himself to working with visionary people and helping them bring their vision into reality.

Starting his business career working with the late Stefan Aarnio, a visionary real estate investor, Ian quickly went from living and working on his parents dairy goat farm to getting started growing his own real estate investing business.

Over 2 years Ian did 12 real estate transactions and further grew his business skills by joining Stefan Aarnio on the road to building a real estate education company.

From sales rep to sales manager to COO of the company, Ian learned the true value of putting a visionary and an integrator together to create and expand a company. After his mentor passed away, Ian went on to grow the vision that they had built together and continues to work with entrepreneurs and visionaries to help build out the operations and tech needed for expansion.

Most entrepreneurs are stuck managing, training or doing every job within their business, it’s Ian’s belief that success is built through teams and networks rather than only through individual efforts. Ian strives to put himself around the most influential people of our time in order to bring success to himself and the people around him.